Chris Gregory
Christine Gregory-

Occupation: Teacher & Middle East Tour Agent
Nationality: British
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"Third Time Lucky.

The first time I tried to by a property in Cairo, the owner tried to cheat me out of a lot of money. With lawyer's help, I lost less, but still I lost money! Oh dear! The second time, negotiations (Egyptian style) took rather long and the property increased too much in the meantime! Too bad!

The third time, I decided to do it through Kishk Real Estate and I believed they have helped me select a property in the better areas for my personality, one that is a good investment, and on where most importantly my family and I will spend many happy times. They guided me very gently but firmly away from unsuitable properties, kept to within my budget & listened to what I expressed as real needs for my life style.  They gave me advice when I requested it, helped me look at different options regarding fittings & then sat back to give me time to make up my own mind. The 7 day price hold gives a person time to think the whole purchase through calmly by oneself in a relaxed manner.

Should I have done this a year ago? Of course, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. I have made peace with the financial loss, I have forgiven the man who cheated me, and I believe in time I will commit it to my book of memories and call it another learning curve – that's life!

I can 100% recommend Kishk Real Estate. I like their professionalism. I trusted their judgment, I saw they care about their clients and they made purchasing (the property) fun. That's my experience, why don't you contact them now & experience it yourself? Come on… you have nothing to lose."